The Early Years

1956 – Spring

Mark Wesbrooks starts his company with one employee, a mechanic, in a garage in the backyard of his home in Wichita Falls, Texas.

1956 – Winter

Mark Wesbrooks hires one more employee and moves his business from his backyard to 311 Indiana in Wichita Falls.


Mark Wesbrooks business is growing. His son Bob Wesbrooks and a new employee David Bogart join him. Bogart remained with the company for 32 years as service manager.


Mark Wesbrooks in his small showroom at 311 Indiana.


Wesbrooks expands to a 6000 square foot building at 2012 Sheppard Access Road in Wichita Falls. Note the fleet of salesmen’s Rancheros and El Caminos. Wesbrooks now has 11 employees.



Wesbrooks expands service to 11 states. Bob Wesbrooks begins to play a significant major role in running the business with his father.


Bob Wesbrooks succeeds his father Mark Wesbrooks after the founder and president’s death due to a heart attack.


Wesbrooks, Inc. enlarges the size of its plant to 12,000 square feet with a 6000 square foot addition.

Wesbrooks, Inc. has its first booth at the 1974 Farm Show in Wichita Falls. A singing cowboy, in keeping with the cowboy logo, entertains show attendees.

Niece, Linda Breault, demonstrates a 100-ton hydraulic jack at the Farm Show.

Bob Wesbrooks with top salesman Roy Norman at the Farm Show. Norman was responsible for successfully increasing sales during his 14 years with the company.


Three generations celebrate 27th anniversary at a special open house. Pictured left to right: Lori Wesbrooks (daughter of Bob and Billie Wesbrooks); Grace Wesbrooks (widow of Mark Wesbrooks and mother of Bob Wesbrooks); and Bob and Billie Wesbrooks.


Bob Wesbrooks with Hugh Silbaugh, president of Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company at Wesbrooks’ first booth at the NTDRA tire show in Dallas.


Bob Wesbrooks at their first National Association of Truck Stop Operators show in Las Vegas.


Wichita Falls, Texas newspaper features article on Bob Wesbrooks “rebuilding” business to include truck stops throughout the U.S. after 80s slump in oil industry sales. Read the article.


Bob Wesbrooks explaining air tool exchange program to Robby Roberts at Petro Lube in Oklahoma City.
Photo taken from Truckstop World, 1992.
Read the article.


Bob Wesbrooks returns from the road with a truck bed full of jack exchange cores.

Lori Wesbrooks Stone, center, and Mike Grauerholz, right, visit with Harry Harlan of Lincoln Lube at the NTDRA Tire Show in Dallas.


Jim Winstel and Lori Wesbrooks Stone at the TravelCenters of America show in Nashville.


Don Harkey and Darren Cunningham at the AOCA Quick Lube show in Kansas City.


Newly designed 2002 Product Catalog with Bob Wesbrooks’ cartoon art rolls off the presses; the company moves into the 21st century with the launch of its website.
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