“To be successful, you must do a man a good job.”
Mark Wesbrooks 1956

Welcome to the history of Wesbrooks, Inc. For more than 50 years, this family-owned company has striven to live up to the principals set forth by founder Mark Wesbrooks in 1956. Even though times have changed, the Wesbrooks company philosophy has not. In today’s business world, his statement may seem a little old-fashioned, but it was Mark Wesbrooks’ belief that a company could only succeed if it made doing business a pleasure for its customers. It meant offering superior products, superb service and standing behind what it sold. That’s what Wesbrooks has offered for more than 50 years. This dedication has enabled Wesbrooks to count some of the leading companies in America as longtime customers. Their loyalty to Wesbrooks, Inc. has made it the success it is today.

Since the 1950s, Halliburton Service, Dowell Schlumberger and BJ Services Company U.S.A. as well as many major fleet truck dealers have trusted Wesbrooks, Inc. Yellow Freight, Central Freight, and FedEx Freight East look to Wesbrooks for their service needs as does Ryder Truck Rental.

After the oil industry slump in the 1980s, Bob Wesbrooks, son of the founder, realized that to keep the family business open he needed to expand its customer base. He is credited with approaching and developing the truck stop business to what it is today. He also expanded the company’s tool rebuilding into an exchange program enabling them to offer this cost-saving service to customers throughout the U.S. During this time, Petro Lube, TravelCenters of America, Holdings Little America and Flying J-J Care became customers who continue to rely on Wesbrooks.

For many years, Wesbrooks has also been privileged to sell and service Wal-Mart Tractor Trailer Centers. GCR Tire Service operations throughout the United States also trust Wesbrooks for their equipment needs.

Mark Wesbrooks’ dream of building a company by working hard and offering quality products has grown into a multi-million dollar business headed by son Bob Wesbrooks, Chief Executive Officer. Playing an important role in maintaining the high standards are many dedicated employees including Mike Grauerholz, Corporate Vice President and Operations Manager.